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Many chronic health problems are associated with modifiable lifestyle behaviors, such as poor dietary choices and physical inactivity. Existing behavior patterns are, however, notoriously difficult to change, even when the individual recognizes that their health is at risk. Effective strategies for change involve more than simply offering advice.

The way lifestyle of every individual is unique similarly chronic disease management for each individual has to be unique. Patient-centric technique such as collaborative goal setting aims to promote internal motivation and have been associated with improved health outcomes. Goal setting and action planning is one tool that can help patients to improve diet and physical activity, particularly when they are planned in collaboration with a health professional.

End to End Management of chronic diseases using Healthcare IoT. Our Health Workers engage with our patients using Smart Devices and Latest technologies to provide personalized care. Continuous engagement with the patients using real time contextual data improves effectiveness and efficiency of the health care service.

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity