Rural Services

As India moves to create smart cities, HealthBot is on a mission to build smart clinics across the country. Our goal is to improve outreach and outcome of health services by use of technology. We are delivering quality and affordable health services to the last mile and improving their lives of the needy.

At this digital age we don't want to see people deprived of healthcare facilities. Healthcare is a necessity not a luxury. Equality in Health in one of the strongest foundation to build a equitable society. Our Smart Rural Clinics are bridging the digital divide and bringing in super-specialty care into the remote locations of India. Technology helped us bridge this gap, We deployed latest technologies across our clinics and network of practitioners to deliver quality of healthcare to our patients.

Current Services

  • Medical Consultation
  • Dental Care
  • Pathology
  • Referral

Future Services:

In our endeavor to bring in more services to our rural citizens we are constantly doing our research. We will try and seize every possible opportunity that can help our citizens. We might start the following services very soon.

  • Pharmacy
  • Eye Care
  • Dialysis Centers