ShudhPod Demo

What is ShudhPod

Do you want to detect the vulnerable people at the entrance of your premise and keep your premise safe?

ShudhPod is an automated health screening POD. It authenticates using a QR code, checks for mask, detects hand sanitization, checks temperature and oxygen saturation and determines if you are safe to get inside the premise. Additionally it starts a steamer for you to inhale hot steam.

It is applicable in manufacturing, government, IT, healthcare, education, hospitality, entertainment and general business facilities. Ideal for any facility, no matter how big or small, requires minimal space.

ShudhPod Photos


  • Touch-less Authentication
  • Compliance Management
  • Automated Health Diagnostics
  • Integrated Health Data
  • Dashboard for Security and Admin


  • Keep You Safe
  • Gives you Sense of Security and Piece of Mind
  • Helps to Improve Productivity
  • Alerts can be viewed by Security or receptionist sitting far away from the POD
  • Simple and Affordable