Key Features

Online Consultation With Doctor

Individuals can consult or follow up with their doctors online through HealthBot's smart connect facility. It facilitates audio, video and chat.

Coaching From Health Experts

Get your dedicated Nutritionist, Physiotherapist and Medical Counselor to conquer your health goals. It does not happen simply by offering advice, our health expert’s work closely with you to monitor, motivate and advice to meet your goals.

Manage Health Record

HealthBot's EMR facility gives access to your health records anytime anywhere. You can view or upload prescriptions, lab reports, diet advice and physiotherapist's advice. Share your records your caregivers and near dear ones.

Manage Health Appointments

Manage appointments using HealthBot's Appointment system. Request new appointment, modify or cancel existing appointments online. Receive reminders for upcoming appointments, vaccination or regular health checkups.

Goals, Notifications & Alerts

Set your health goals. Get notified when a new health report, prescription or advice is uploaded or a new appointment is created for you. Notify healthcare provide when you upload a lab report or any health record.

Connect With Your Caretaker

Connect with your near and dear ones and your caregivers. Platform will keep them informed about existing and changing health conditions.

Remote Monitoring

HealthBot continuously monitors your health conditions and helps your doctors creates a personalized strategy for you. It can inform your caregivers about your changing health conditions. Get help remotely by sitting at the comfort of your home.

Medication Reminder

Medication non-adherence can have a negative consequences on your health. It can prolong the cure and can increase your health care cost. HealthBot's Smart Medication Reminder system reminds your scheduled medication. Never miss your medicine now.

why choose us

Personalized Health Care At Your Fingertip

Health Records Anywhere Anytime

Never Forget Your Health Appointment

Send Notifications & Alerts

Access To Your Personalized Health Coaches

Manage Your Time Effectively

Reduce Healthcare Cost