Key Features

Online Consultation
(Audio Video Chat)

Consult or follow up with your patients or customers online through HealthBot's Smart Connect System which facilitates voice, video and text chat.

Manage Appointments

Manage appointments using HealthBot's Smart Appointment system. Receive reminders for upcoming appointments and notifications on new appointments or existing appointments modification.

Manage Patient Records

HealthBot's EMR facility provides patient's contextual data and health records. Healthcare Providers can view or upload health records, prescriptions, lab reports, diet and physiotherapist's advices.

Set Health Goals and
Track Remotely

HealthBot's Goal setting and action planning helps to monitor the patient's goals and to take timely actions. HealthBot continuously monitors the patient's vitals and lifestyle, creates an effective strategy to help patients adopt healthier.


e-Prescription is a smarter way to exchange prescription between doctor, patients and pharmacies. It reduces risk of error in interpretation, losing it, and more importantly helps reducing carbon footprint. It helps doctors to easily refer to older prescriptions.

Interaction Simplified

At this digital age with handy smart communication devices, doctors and patients online interactions are increasing however it lacks the context, which can lead to improper advice. HealthBot's Smart platform make interactions simple and contextual.

Personalized Health Care

The platform has an ability to connect disparate medical devices, health trackers, and other sensors and collect contextual data from them. The data is processed to provide actionable insights to the caregivers to create personalized strategy for their patients.

Promotion a click away

On a click of a button reach out to all your patients. Whether it is about your practice or about a festival health check up offer or about a health day celebration. Engage your customers in an effective way and grow your business.

Why Choose us

Practice Anywhere Anytime

Improved Patient Outcome

Reach more patients

Homecare made easy

End-to-End Chronic care management

Manage time effectively

Increase your brand value

Do your own promotion