HealthBot, a collaborative healthcare platform integrates service providers, individuals and smart healthcare
devices provide personalized care to improve outcomes.



Healthcare Providers

  • Online Consultation
  • Remote Monitoring
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  • Personalized Health Care At Your Fingertip
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How We Work?

Online Consultation

Consult your Doctor online. Upload your Health Records to access it anywhere anytime. Set your health appointments and get reminders.

Set Health Goals

Goal setting and action planning is one tool that can help patients to improve diet and physical activity, particularly when they are planned in collaboration with a health professional.

Our Health Expert Help You

Health care professionals have a vital role in motivating their patients to adopt healthier lifestyles but effective strategies for change involve more than simply offering advice. Patient-centric techniques, such as motivational interviewing and collaborative goal setting, aim to promote internal motivation and have been associated with improved health outcomes.

Track You Progress And Feedback

HealthBot continuously monitors the patient's vitals and lifestyle and creates an effective strategy to help patients adopt healthier lifestyle. It engages with the patient using technology and people, and helps them achieve those goals. Our smart devices and mobile application helps collect your vitals and store them.

Reinvent You

Our platform and experts help you reinvent yourself. Be a Happy you.